Laptops: A Simple Buyer’s Guide

The world of computing is one which moves quickly and it can be difficult, as a result, to stay in the loop when shopping for a new computer. While the sheer scale of the computing market can be confusing, this diversity does offer hope for shoppers that there is something out there to suit everyone. The key to finding the right laptop for you lies in understanding precisely what you need. Here, we take a look at several common choices and what they mean for buyers.



The range of laptop sizes available covers all the bases. From the smallest of 10” net books, to the powerful 17” gaming computers, customers are spoiled for choice. There are several things to keep in mind here. First of all, and perhaps most importantly, is the viewing potential. For those engaging in tricky visual preparation on their computers, a screen below 13” is unlikely to do the job, while this might be fine for simple tasks. Buyers should also take note that the specification will generally improve as the size increases.

Space or speed?

Unless your budget is through the roof, you’re likely to need to make a few compromises along the way. One of the most common compromises is related to a trade-off between space and speed. The latest solid state hard drives offer users fast computing, with many ultra books boasting boot times of well below 15 seconds. However, these new drives are typically much smaller than traditional drives, allowing for less data to be stored internally.

Follow the offers

It’s important for buyers to recognise that the price of computers can fluctuate a great deal as the market is always changing. Once you’ve understood what it is that you require from a computer’s specification, it might be worth looking for laptop deals which can help you to narrow down the choices available to you. Keeping an eye out and having a good idea of what you want can ultimately help save you a lot of money.

Look for upgradable computers 

If your budget isn’t as flexible as you’d like at the moment, it is well worth considering the possibilities of upgrading certain pieces of hardware somewhere down the line. The chance to upgrade your RAM is worth considering, and even the processor can be replaced with something more cutting edge when the time comes. Shopping in this prudent manner, as well as looking for a reputable brand, can help to ensure the long life of your new laptop.

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