iPhone 8: Rumoured Specs and Features

It is almost the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and fans are waiting for the next model to come in 2017. According to rumors, this will be known as the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s. Whichever name it will be called is not really what matters at the moment. The features to expect are more important to iPhone owners and potential buyers.

What is there to expect from iPhone 8?

Rumours say that the new model will be sporting a new Super OLED display instead of the previous screens of iPhones which can be a 5.8-inch screen. Apart from this, the new phone is apparently going to be equipped with the Iris Scanner feature and as its name suggests, you can unlock your phone with just your eye, just like what you see in films where irises are used to unlock doors. There is also the Haptic feedback system that can sense vibrations and movements.


Colour is also another important change to expect from this new model. If Apple added Jet Black to its iPhone 7 phones, the company is making a bolder move with a red iPhone. This is on top of the other existing colours of the previous models. In terms of charging, however, there is also something new to expect. An upgrade from cable charging to a wireless one is probably the coolest feature since people are concerned with the battery issues of Samsung.


For the design, there might not be a real change since Apple has been sticking with its design for years now. But in case there will be some improvements, fans hope that this includes a curved glass back. The dual cameras will still be excellent as usual and there are talks that there will be no bezels or home button for the upcoming iPhone.

The said model might be released in September 2017 and as early as now, speculations on its design and features continue to come out.

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