Foxconn produces a revolutionary smartwatch

The smartwatch of Foxconn is official. The company’s CEO announced it in a recent business meeting. Foxconn’s intentions were clear for quite a while now. The announcement of a smartphone that works in symbiosis with a smart watch, therefore, it is not much of a surprise although it seems clear that Apple should hurry. In fact, as you all know, Google, Sony and Samsung have already been put to work on these fields and their products will most likely be released long before the long awaited iWatch.

We do not have much information on the Foxconn device but the company’s CEO, on the occasion of the presentation of the latest financial results seemed very enthusiastic in proclaiming it will be a watch that can monitor your breathing and heart rate and it will be able to communicate with the iPhone and possibly other smartphones for the control of Facebook updates, missed calls, incoming messages and not only. All this will be possible as he explained, through Bluetooth 4.0.

Smartwatch Smartphone

Smartwatch Smartphone

With such a device you can even leave your phone in your pocket and control all kinds of messages from your watch, is what the CEO said. As for the future, he concluded in a big way, we can expect much more. If he says so we ought to give it a shot and believe it.

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