Finally a Device to Stop Kids from Having Night Terrors

Most little children have bad dreams almost every night. This can be a concern for a lot of parents not only because they won’t be able to sleep at night, but most importantly, these nightmares could affect their lives. But all that can stop now that a company has invented a device that they claim to be able to stop night terrors.

Andy Rink and Varun Boriah introduced Lully, the gadget that is reported to help children and even adults sleep more peacefully every night.


Rink is the cofounder of Lully. He grew up with a twin sister who had bad dreams and always had to suffer through it. This led Rink to team up with Boriah. They studied sleep patterns at Stanford Biodesign and then, took everything they learned into the drawing board. They then found out that a vibration that’s strong enough could help a child get through a night terror, allowing everyone at home to be able to get on with their sleep.

This smart device is placed under a child’s mattress. It will produce a vibration that’s 10 times stronger than a smartphone, bringing the child out of the terrorizing sleep pattern and into a lighter sleep, which means that it can help avoid bad dreams even before it begins.


Parents will need to download the app, which will ask them for information on their child’s usual sleep pattern. Lully will then notify parents at what time they’ll need to activate the device, which will never be later than 11PM. Once the notification is sent, parents should then turn on Lully. When they notice movements from their kid, they should turn off the device, which runs less than five minutes.

Rink and Boriah said that they used their research at Stanford Biodesign as groundwork for the technology they used in Lully. The algorithm they came up with allowed them to predict when a kid will go through then unpleasant sleep stage, based on aggregate data as well as parents’ input.

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