Facebook App, major upgrades in sight for the iOS version

As reported by the HQ , Facebook is planning a couple updates for its most popular applications on iOS Р news that come from sources close to the development team. There seems to be an ongoing testing of the primary client on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which complements the instrument Graph Engine Search, search functionality studied by social networks.

Facebook App

Facebook App

Graph Engine Search will allow users to search for contacts based on similar interests. As an example, you can search according to parameters concerning the like on a page, similar musical tastes or other categories of interest. Graph Engine Search will be incorporated into the main search bar in the Facebook app.

In addition to this functionality on the client principal, Facebook is working on a redesign of Messenger, in fact it is rumored that at present are up and running internally two distinct versions, where the first points to similarities with the appearance of standard messages in the main app, while the second is radically different graphically and more in line with the design of iOS 7, making it the leading candidate for the final release. The final aspect should therefore be in all probability much more minimal and free of classical interface elements characterized by the predominant blue color.

In addition to the redesign, the new Messenger will be able to integrate with the iPhone user’s list of contacts to find friends with whom to exchange messages through the system offered by Facebook. Even the main icon will enjoy a makeover, presenting an appearance characterized by a bubble -shaped blue and edged in white. In addition to these new features , Facebook Inc. may be currently working on new video filters to integrate into Instagram in future releases , but currently is not known when all these innovations can come to life.

During the previous year, Facebook completed the hiring of several employees or ex- Apple guys, to build as quickly as possible the robust software that we saw on Andorid. The biggest name was that of Greg Novick, one of the original designers of the iPhone software. According to various sources, Novick has abandoned Facebook again and could return to Apple, entering the team responsible for the design of iWatch.

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