Even the Kindle Fire HD is renewed

September is now a regular fixture of the annual refresh of the line Kindle tablet and this year in addition to the Amazon brand new models the line HDX also raises a last year’s model in a slightly different package. Last year it had fallen to the Kindle Fire smooth, this year it fell instead to the Kindle Fire HD which is adjusted in the aesthetics and above all in the price that dropped to $ 139. The essence of this Kindle Fire HD 2013 will remain substantially the same as the previous year and then the same screen HD 7″ with 1280 × 800 resolution and the same system on chip Texas Instruments OMAP4 dual 4460 core, but this time clocked at 1.5 GHz 1.2 GHz compared to the previous generation. No change for the remaining RAM to 1GB.

Kindle Fire HD revonation

Kindle Fire HD revonation

Same design line HDX

The main innovation is all aesthetics. It is being updated to the new Kindle FIre HDX with the controls at the rear and it also brings a small narrowed down both the weight on the overall thickness of the tablet. On the new Kindle Fire HD are also the same line HDX Fire OS 3.0 again based on a deeply modified version of Android and free access to the market of Google.

The main difference compared to the HDX line is therefore the resolution, the power and the lack of help desk Mayday but for $ 139 I would say that we cannot complain. For the moment, Amazon has not yet released prices for markets outside of the U.S. but if everything goes in the right direction it could get here from us at a price of 139 €. The availability in North America will start from October 2.

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