Cuffie Beats Studio with Swarovski by Crystal Rocked

The decorative work was carried out by Crystal Rocked, a still very active company in the area of ​​technological gadgets which makes it bright to the eye for a sensory satisfaction of proven efficiency in the heart of those who love these bright setups ill suited to lovers of anonymity.

Valuable distinction

The house whom we owe the customization work has infused its expertise to translate in a fairly widespread need today. To surround yourself with products with a strong identity able to join as a sock to requests for distinction of customers, especially if high end. To perform the transformation, Crystal Rocked has made use in this case of over three thousand Swarovski crystals, happily resting on the body of the headphones in order to create an eye catching result full of character as is the tradition of a brand whose reputation binds intimately to this operational capability.

Crystal Rocked headphones

Crystal Rocked headphones

Technical content standards

You may be wondering the way of the purchase of such an interpretation which does not alter the functional aspects and quality of the original product but the act of shopping does not only aim to meet the utilitarian needs, often cold if you lived in a isolated from the emotional notes that derive from imponderables related to the feeling as with music, art and passions. The price of 900 dollars. In exchange for the cost of the headphones you get born of a noble platform as the Beats Studio for the sounds of the professional level with power and performance of high rank made ​​even better by the technology to eliminate the noise.

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