BMW Moto Navigator V | Quality planning

This navigator is like its colleagues but it includes moreover delivery of an extra option to freely live the adventure of the journey because it leads first to the destination without loss of time when this is the priority or to discover new paths and off the beaten track knowing that they can immediately remove a hindrance in case it is needed. Thus it combines the pleasure of discovering the psychological security offered by the device with the ability to recover the straight path when it emerged as a more or less urgent need of the user.

Convenient and rich

The Navigator V is equipped with a 5 inch TFT display allowing you to enjoy the most of its functionality properly calibrated for the specific mission. It offers reliable service on the roads and off road in Europe even when not in use on the bike because if you want you can apply it in your car with a specific mounting kit. This GPS navigation system in premium class is able to support Bluetooth connections. Phones equipped with this technology can also be used as a speakerphone by appealing to the skills of the speaker and microphone integrated in the holder.

BMW Navigator

BMW Navigator

Very accurate

The new technology Travel the Navigator V delivers a highly evolved system logic for the detailed planning of itineraries and even of great length so as to give users happy options to program an impeccable output, be it Sunday or more extended. The Real Directions provides instructions partially minuted that allow for the precise environmental references in certain cases to understand things better than the classic numerical data. So it can happen to hear turn right at the monument with the horse. The three dimensional display with buildings in many cities and the great compass for off road are other attractions of this trip computer packed with features. The price is 720 euro.

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