Awesome Life Hacks from Today’s Gizmos

We are living in a technological age. Everywhere you look, you’ll find a gizmo or gadget that promises to make life easier.

But what if we tell that some of these tech tools can be used in more ways than one?

In this article, you’ll find some awesome life hacks borne inspired by sophisticated thingamajigs.

Speakers as headphones


Need microphones for your impromptu mixer? Simply plug a pair of headphones into the microphone jack and you’re good to go.

Longer battery life

Are you tired of having to constantly charge your phone? Switch it to airplane mode when not in use to keep all that precious juice from draining.

Undo closed tabs

Did you close that extremely-hard-to-find website by mistake? Fear not! Just take not of these shortcut commands:

CTRL + SHIFT + T (Windows)


Take Netflix to the next level


Do you want to add a bit of culture to those Friday movie nights? Search for a Google Chrome add-on called Hola. This allows you to browse from anywhere in the world. You can access a wide variety of websites by simply clicking on the icon. Used in conjunction with Netflix, it opens the door to a much wider selection of movies and television shows. And the best part is you can watch all these legally and without the hassle.

De clutter with Lego

Put some semblance of order to all those cords hanging from the end of your device. Get out of those Lego toys and use them to keep wire from getting all unruly and tangled.

Breathe life to that old Kindle case

Voracious readers are more likely to pull out cash for limited edition e-books than big store Kindle cases. If you share the same sentiment, you’ll love this DIY project. It involves transforming an old planner or datebook into stylish holder for your beloved gadget.

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